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FAQ About Green2Gold

Q: What is Green2Gold and what does it do?  

A: Green2Gold is a non-profit educational system that provides pathways for inventors, entrepreneurs or any kind of creative person.

Green2Gold specifically guides people and organizations to the most constructive and productive pathways that fit their individual goals and needs.

In the process of providing those pathways, Green2Gold teaches why those pathways are chosen. Green2Gold teaches the most constructive and non-destructive ways of taking products, ideas or concepts to the world. So those are the primary functions of Green2Gold as an education group. For instance, if you could imagine Green2Gold like a big map, and whatever direction you need to go in, Green2Gold can show you how to get there, and teach you why that’s the best way to go.

Q: How does Green2Gold help me get to where I want to go?

A: Let’s say, you go to Green2Gold, and it was Triple A (AAA). You want to go to Nicaragua. Green2Gold will look at where you are at, and where you want to go and utilize all of its connections to get you to Nicaragua in the most efficient and effective way.

Q: What are some of Green2Gold’s strengths?

A: There are 50 years of experience in working with Inventors, Governments, Educational Institutions, Entrepreneurs, and Non Profits that most of which are now allies and pledge their support to Green2Gold projects Internationally. Because of Green2Gold’s many worldwide connections, they are diversified, and very capable of guiding you down the right channels, for your success. This diversification also enables you to branch out, and bring more strength to you particular project.

Q: How will I benefit from joining Green2Gold?

A: Green2Gold is the training camp that gets you ready for the big time. It is like a gym and it guides you to the specific equipment you need to develop the strength required for whatever your project and those unique activities demand. The trainers, the guides, the pathway is through Green2Gold. It prepares you for that professional position. Green2Gold helps you to find out and develop all aspects that you will need to bring the most successful professional perspective within realistic range.

Q: What happens when I am ready for the big time?

A: World Responsible Industries (WRI) is the Gold that Green2Gold takes you to. WRI is the big time. It is a professional position when you are ready for it. WRI will then work with you, become a part of you, and you become a part of it. It will not only take your invention or business concept to the world, but it will help you to get strong enough to handle the world on that level.

Q: What is Green2Gold’s relationship to WRI?

A: WRI is to Green2Gold like the Patent Office is to Green2Gold. They are both places that Green2Gold can take you to, to get what you need. When you need to take your invention or business concept to the world, WRI takes you there.

Q: What is Green2Gold’s agenda?

A: Green2Gold helps you get your product or concept ready for its specific marketplace. When your product or concept is ready for the marketplace, Green2Gold becomes more interested in you being a part of a WRI Co-venture because of its peaceful harmonious new paradigm and unique success gaining fluid interaction with the world. Green2Gold is going to promote a lot more success for all involved, in a WRI Co-Venture then it would, just guiding you to someone that is selling you some services. So, the services are secondary to Green2Gold. Those things are important to Green2Gold for your project to be evaluated and begin to test a working relationship with you or your organization. Unlike service bound organizations, that is not where Green2Gold wishes to end this endeavor. This is where Green2Gold’s agenda is clearly unlike service bound organizations. Green2Gold guides many companies to where they need to go for total and complete success. This is their agenda. So Green2Gold provides the stage and the spotlight for the dancer. Green2Gold is not there to just sell you dance lessons. Green2Gold is a world helping non profit organization dedicated to the harmony of our planet and seeks to guide as many individuals and organizations to that successful harmonious perspective as possible.

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