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Part 2: Let’s Talk Funding Temptations

As far as financial support for your new creation real progress is not indicated by allowing greed to push you ahead of yourself and your creation, whether that greed is in you, or in an investor of any type. It isn’t necessarily that something that is given a whole bunch of money will grow faster, even in the beginning.

Real long term secure progress takes patience and growing a business like you would a small plant. And realizing if you are going to get apples in the future off that tree, you are going to have to keep giving it fertilizer and love, and getting the right environment, and realizing sometimes you might have a storm and you might have to rebuild the thing a little bit or entirely. Things can get rough. Putting a huge amount of money in something is not going to make it produce fruit. You may stretch it, make it look bigger, but it isn’t necessarily going to produce fruit, and if it does, it is not necessarily going to produce fruit people want. If it does, it is going to be a rare thing, that you were able to stretch it out of the ground and grow it faster then its natural.

With real progress, your growing creation becomes more predictable. You want to have a business be more predictable, consistent, and dependable. That way your success rate will have those things wrapped up in it as a part of the jewel that makes it sparkle. It’s generating its own power, and it’s making more as it goes. And that kind of thing you can count on at the end of the day.

If the product is valuable, it’s going to get you value. And if it isn’t you need to keep thinking of the product, instead of going into debt, or letting someone else go into debt and blame you for it over something that was destined to become crippled. Adding to your growing concept exactly what it needs in a very personal way, will bring it to the point where it can be determined whether it’s strong enough to stand on its own, which will in turn, bring financial success, or if it isn’t yet. If it is, let’s go ahead and move it to the next level. Let’s put it in that position.

If it’s prematurely over-invested in, by an investor or even yourself, it may not have a chance to prove itself. Also, it’s good to understand that the big investor is making a gamble with very little risk on his part based on the fact that he will pretty much get his money back no matter what. Whether that be through tax write-offs, or taking over the company and working it so he gets his money back, whether the company reaches any real success or not. Even if it looks semi-good, he knows what to do with it, to get whatever he needs to get from it. He will put it on TV, and sell enough of them to get his money back, or whatever he needs to do. He knows how to play that game, and if it goes big, he owns it. He took your creation, and he owns it. You will get a penny on every hundred dollars if you are lucky. He’s excited because it can make him some money. And you are trying to get him excited about making some money so you can make money. So your thinking process is clouded in this way, purposely by the investor.

Investors can cripple you. And will oftentimes, leave you out of the success position as soon as they can. But if you make your product prove itself first, that puts you in the driver’s seat and the strongest position.

Ultimately what it boils down to, in the simplest terms, is really what you want to do is make something that the people want. And you have to find that out from your product. If the people want it, you can’t help but make money. It’s just natural.

Investors don’t care about what you invent. They just care about how it will sell. Though we also realize that is a factor, that is not the complete reason why we are here, or why you are inventing. We are here to encourage you to continue to invent. What your invention does, will be what your invention does. We care about its success as a creation. If all we cared about was money, then we wouldn’t really give a damn about what you made. What we’d care about was how much it made us. If we cared about that, eventually the creative process would begin to dwindle because that person would be looking like he is nobody compared to money itself. And it is really the creation itself that is the value. It’s not the money put behind it. An investor would have nothing to invest in if there was not something there. So to make him superior to the creator and the creation is backward and ridiculous.

You have to appreciate the creator and the creation of something. If there were nothing to buy, what good would money do? If there are things to buy, then they are more important than the money. Things have always been valuable before money. People used to trade chickens or corn or whatever they could for other valuable things. When you start to make money more valuable than what is being created, then you start to get a lopsided growth. And you have a lot of debt. And that is why everything is riding off of what’s owed. At that point, money becomes more important than the creative process itself.

We at Green2Gold, do not like this age-old investor creator attitude and if you are with us, we will not allow you to end up in that destructive position. If your idea has something, let’s see then where it can go and let’s be honest about it from our experienced perspective. We are going to stay with you as long as you think you can do something. And even if you don’t think you can do something, but you just want to continue to invent, we will be right here with you. In that way, you are going to have success no matter what. We are not going to come back and say, “hey we opened up an office, we spent a lot of money on this stuff, we are going to sue you.” That’s not going to happen. In bringing it to the business level we are concerned that the people want what you have. And if that is your goal, then we encourage you to keep improving it until they do.

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