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If there is success in your idea, we will help you get it!

The Inventor’s Pathway

Your Price $3,500.00


Patentability Search and Free Legal Opinion. Preliminary Field Market Research Survey and Report for end user, government, consumer, industry validation and feedback. Exploration of materials and manufacturing feasibility that are profitable, sustainable where appropriate, as well as highest in quality. We will research all intellectual property opportunities and protection in the United States and Internationally.


Green2Gold will establish a first to file Provisional Patent Application for one year patent pending and yielding a one year license to accomplish a patent cooperation treaty application for other countries in the process of also helping you develop your invention as an exciting online presentation in a secure area to get vital feedback, as well as to establish interest from companies and manufacturers for your invention. This presentation can include the development of a demo video and 3d renderings, as well as creating the executive summary, description, outlining the features and benefits, intellectual property information, about the inventor bio, market information, SWOT analysis, and more TBD. We will also help you develop a possible working prototype and prepare for any commercialization pathway. Some extra fees may apply


Green2Gold will help you market your invention to companies that include investors, manufacturers, licensees, mass and retail marketers, etc. for up to 1 year after the profile is completed and approved. This includes creating online ads, a press release, and creating a marketing funnel. Green2Gold will also help you or even negotiate on your behalf for a successful licensing contract or business opportunity.


Each year you can choose to renew your online invention profile and continue in a licensing pursuit for a fee of $249. This fee will include all other VIP member benefits.
Green2Gold’s Associate Entity – World Responsible Industries (WRI), a social venture, can manage deliverables for the longevity of a licensing contract. A pledge is required 15-25% negotiable for a successful agreement and management. You, the Licensor retains 75% of all royalties, user fees, profits or other forms of financial rewards that are established in the licensing agreement, and WRI receives 25% for acting as the management agent.

Your product or invention will also be considered for Co-Venturing.