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Getting Real With Our Goals & Motivations.

There are many approaches to the invention process, as well as levels of success connected to products and inventors. Some of the more mainstream and more heavily advertised approaches can be very limited and lack long term satisfaction.

Ultimately when the smoke clears, we find that they are mostly hype and lack brass tacks long term business. In most cases, they turn out to be most beneficial for a potential quick buck. And for the most part it becomes divided in a multitude of sections that definitely boosts the ego and ends up lacking the financial success originally hoped for. This can work in certain situations where there is very little desire to be an individual creative force or if you do not intend to grow in the long term atmosphere of the creative production consumer marketplace.

Most of the time this choice of directions slips into a strictly gambled non personal, very diluted creative process designed for money only. So it can lose momentum quickly from lack of true creative spirit and overall competitive balance in the marketplace.

Green2Gold works with and puts groups together, as well as encourages and helps the individual inventors over the hurdles and obstacles standing in their way of successful penetration into the world’s current marketplaces, helping to add the final touches to those creative perspectives.

We are most like the major production companies and are inspired to help these inventors become successful like the musician that makes a lot of albums. That is the person that is successful. The music is what they make. So we are not just trying to promote one hit wonders. And that is the difference.

The majority of inventor related companies are looking for that one hit. And they don’t care how many inventors they have to get it. If they get one hit out of all of them, that works for them.

What we are trying to do is educate you so that you understand the choices that you make put you in certain depths of business waters. Understanding those depths and what they will lead you to is the basic motivation of this clarification information. Not that one depth is better for you then another, but it is better that you understand them, so that you know where you are going.

Just like some people gravitate to classical music, and others to rock and roll, Green2Gold gravitates towards this kind of depth where we are trying to shine a light on and trying to make the inventor itself successful. As opposed to those types of platforms that produce and promote products and inventors that are here today and gone tomorrow.

And that is just the way we are. It’s how our organization began and it’s the way it is. It’s your choice what you choose, and there is nothing wrong with any of it, as long as it fits you.

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