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From Patent to Patience.

It’s important to understand part of the process to develop your ideas will require urgency and some parts require patience. Some of the part of the process you really need to hurry up on or you might lose your position. Once you have yourself covered legally, then you have to be patient putting all the pieces together so you don’t make a mistake. Cause if you put the wrong piece in the wrong place, the whole thing is going to fall apart.

So, to be successful it requires a sense of urgency AND a sense of patience to put it all together correctly.

And a good example of that is this. Let’s say you were going to build a building downtown and there was a lot for sale. Now, it’s a prime location. So you may have to move quickly and even pay a little bit more than you would want to right then because that lot is going to be gone and somebody else is going to have it.

But once you have the lot, you better take your time and make sure that the building you are going to build is strong and the foundation is built correctly and the whole thought process about how you put it together is done with a lot of care and patience.

Owning the land is like getting the patent. It’s urgent. You have to get that or you could lose it. Somebody else could definitely get it.

Before you buy the land, just like before you get the patent, you have to know that you want to make the product. You have to know you want to build that building. Once you know that, then urgently get out there and get that patent. Urgently go out there and buy that land. After that, you need to put your strategy together. You have to work that out.

Green2Gold has the experience to help you in both ends of this process. The urgency and the patience so that when you put your project together the odds will definitely be in your favor as much as they possibly could be.

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