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More Keys to Inventing Winning Products

Uniqueness. Must be unique. Not just an incremental improvement of an existing product. Best if it’s a “never seen before” product!

Visual and demonstrable. Must be extremely visual and easily demonstrable on TV.Simple products. KISS. Items that involve concepts that are not difficult to grasp.

Delivers genuine value. Must be perceptibly beneficial to consumers and offer genuine value. Products must hold true to the claims that they are marketed under.Demonstrates visual “before and after” results. Problem-solving type products that deliver clear and visual “before and after” Improvements. Products that result in a positive visual change in the person.

Delivers faster results. Items that deliver results faster and easier than other products on the market.Self-improvement. Inventions that produce an improvement in self-image (e.g., weight-loss, skin care)

Problem-solvers. Problem solving products are winners (e.g., medical products that solve problems such as back pain or hardware tools that make it easier to perform a difficult or tedious task faced by a large number of consumers).Impulse driven. Vanity driven.

Follow-up purchases. Highly desirable if the product encourages follow-up consumption purchases or multiple purchases that support the original product.Long life span. The longer the lifespan the better (e.g., Proactiv is a good illustration of a long life span product). Faddish products are less desirable because they have short, unsustainable life spans.

Not easily knocked off. Must have good strong patent claims that cannot easily be designed around. Use a seasoned patent attorney who thinks like a competitor and has a reputation for working aggressively to prevent “design around” opportunities and openings for competitors.Price point between $15 and $100. Some companies have minimum of $20.

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